Mistake- Negative To Positive…

‘To err is human; to forgive, divine.’Alexander Pope

It is a fact that everyone makes mistakes. This is part of human nature. However, there are two kinds of mistakes. The first one is simply a mistake and the other kind of mistake is, a ‘mistake plus’. The first kind of mistake fails to give you anything. A mistake plus seems to be a mistake in the beginning, but in the end it becomes an experience of gain.

When one makes a mistake, there are two possible kinds of responses. The first response is to become regretful, and disheartened after every mistake. He will be a victim of stress. It is also possible that he may lose courage and be unable to do anything else again.

This is the negative aspect of making a mistake. However, there is also a positive aspect. That is, it encourages you to engage in introspection and self-reassessment. A positive mistake is bound to activate your mind. It will lead to brainstorming. In return, it will emerge as a natural gift for you. It will increase your creativity and produce a thinking process that may lead to the capacity for better re-appraisal of yourself and an increased ability to analyze things. A negative mistake becomes a positive mistake when it awakens your mind. It thus enables you to re-plan your life. A positive mistake makes a man a superman.

German psychologist Alfred Adler observed: “One of the wonder-filled characteristics of human beings is their power to turn a minus into plus.”

A mistake is an error or fault resulting from poor judgement. If you think positive, your mistake will motivate you to try to find out where you went wrong. This kind of rethinking will open up new possibilities for you. Thus, in an indirect way, the mistake will become a means to climb to new heights of success in life.

The condition for turning a negative mistake into a positive one  is that, you should not take a mistake to be a full stop. Rather, one should consider a mistake as a comma.

Remember that in this world the quantum of mistakes is limited, but the quantum of achievements is unlimited.

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29 thoughts on “Mistake- Negative To Positive…

  1. A beautiful view on Making Mistakes and their aftermath. Alfred Adler wisdom is indeed profound yet when mistakes have to happen they do happen (may not even be due to poor judgement) and here comes the test of leadership. A good leader does not clutter his mind and grieve but thinks calmly and as you rightly said “rethinking will open up new possibilities..”. 🙂

    Thanks Nimmi.

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    • I agree with you here, when mistake have to happen they do happen, however, sometime it happen because of poor judgements too. Thank you, Dilip 🙂


  2. Your blog proves that less is more ONLY because what you say is so rich with honest feelings that most people (especially the device-addicted) seem to have cast off lately. What’s going on out there these days anyway? The horrible predictions of machines taking over our lives is ALREADY TRUE isn’t it? YIKES!

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    • Ah!! Thank you so much, Doug, for such lovely encouraging words. I try my level best to be as honest and rich as possible. And these are just my feelings which are coming out in my words. Yes, you are very right, nowadays machines are taking over on brains or I could say thinking power.
      Matter is how much we can do to keep our brains in process 🙂


  3. Nicely penned. Everyone makes mistakes but many just try to blame it on someone else or they just ignore it and move on and there are few who actually ask this powerful questions ‘Why?’. They ask themselves about why this mistake happened and what life lesson can be learned from the mistakes. If there is one thing that we should take away from our childhood, it should be the curiosity in everything that we do. As I said earlier in my blog that successful people do not have more brains, they just have better answers. In my opinion, there is a fine line between faith and blind faith; that line consist of this simple question ‘Why?’ because when we ask this and be honest to ourselves, we will get answers that you cannot find anywhere.

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