This is my first award and I received it on the eve of  the 31st of December (What a better way to start a year with) I started this blog in October 2014 and I have enjoyed every moment of this beautiful experience, so far. I love expressing my feelings on this friendly platform, interacting with fellow bloggers and getting the opportunity to know and read some excellent work along the way. At the beginning I was nervous and shy to share my words with others, However, after receiving lots of encouraging advice and feedback I feel much more comfortable to let my heart out now.

I was nominated for the PROEMIO DARDOS AWARD by  Ruth from https://ruthspoetry.wordpress.com. She is an awesome storyteller, writer and a lovely poet. If you haven’t visited her blog, then I must recommend you to go and check it out, you will also fall in love with her versatility.






I’m nominating 15 blogs for this award. Actually, wanted to do more. However, I have to stick with the rule. And trust me this is hard, because I have a lot of blogs which I have fallen in love with. Anyways, I’m announcing their names…

















Some of them are great poets, you can read and enjoy. Some talks a lot, however, you love to hear their talking and some are great storyteller, you can simply sit back and relax as the story goes.

Congratulation nominees!! Keep up your good work friends.

Just want to be free..

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I never knew what real love was
Until you came into my life
I never knew what real heartbreak was
Until you break my heart
I never knew what real pain was
Until you hurt my heart
I never knew I could cry so much
Until you made me cry
I never knew much about love
Until you did all this to me
But now that you did
I have to say something to you
I don’t want this hurt
I don’t want this pain anymore
I don’t want to cry again
I don’t want to die again
So, the pain which you’ve placed in me
Take it back, now
Take your love
Take it all back
I just…
Just want to be free again

Just want U to move on…

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I never stopped talking to you
I bothered you by my msgs
You thanked me for my love
I made you think
I made you reply
You were pushed to compromise
I am sincere for all that I’ve said
I was happy and still am
You’re not and it shows
I told you I’m OK
You told me ‘I think of you all the time’
You said you’re happy with me
Which I think were all lies
Refrain from pretending
Stop relating me to your subsistence
For I am sorry with all my heart
I just want you to move on…

Strange Relationships..

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                   Courtesy Google

Relationships are so strange,
So strange, this world,
As they connect with each other,
They share the life, weather,
When a chance comes,
They  just disconnect,
Here everyone is crazy about self,
Just do and say what they feel like,
Who cares about what others say or think,
Everyone always thinks about themselves,

Don’t know where your fate takes you,
This whole world is a dream,
Stay in this dream world,
Walk hand in hand,
Till it takes,
Everyone thinks they reached their destiny,
Then time plays a new game,
Whatever will happen, will happen,
Just be happy here,
That’s the message I want to share.

Just a dream…


From the past relationship,
I thought I felt love,
But then I realized,
It was not really love,
It was just a game,
He played with my heart.
But that moment you came into my life,
And said “I Love you”,
So strong, so meaningful,
I felt it right away,
This was definitely true love,
You said I was your queen,
When you touched me,
I’ve been crowned,
I feel your love night and day,
And I thought it was not a play,
Then I wake up from my dream,
Just because I’m strong enough,
To handle the pain,
That doesn’t mean you play with it!!

Spread your wings…


Oh, my sweet little bird
I know you want to be heard
Open your eye’s and see the world
Give yourself the gift of joy
Give yourself the gift of love
Give yourself the gift of freedom
For everything you take in life
It will lead you to the light
The more you hold
The more you glow
It’s the wisdom that you told
Spread your wings
And do your things
Fly like a bird
Or like a herd
Purest form of life expands
When you have all that is told
So, open your wings my little bird
And show the world your flight.

A Broken Empty Frame…


Can you see a house?
Come, let’s go inside,
It’s a very lovely house,
Filled with beautiful rooms
Come inside, dear
Look at this pretty small room
It’s full of beautiful things
Some are glittering
Like a figure of gold
Some are posing
Like a regular townsfolk
Can you see a broken empty frame
Hanging in that dark corner
It’s really not looking lovely
A life less empty frame
Do you know what it all means
This big and beautiful house
Is our beautiful world
These beautiful rooms,
Our beautiful place
These beautiful things,
Our dear loving people
And, this lifeless frame
This lifeless frame is Me.