Dreams that will never come true..


I loved to dream and imagine
Those beautiful, lovely dream
Now I really hate them
Whenever I get attached to them
They won’t come true
Whenever, I see you in a dream
It won’t last for long
The real you is the you
That I never did see
You swore to me, you would
Never let me go
Nothing you said was ever true
The dream that I once held
Now lies in an unreachable place
The brokenness, I now have
And the love that I still feel
Now left me lonely and shattered
I crumple up, in a helpless state
Acknowledging nothing as it seems
But every time, I try to fix it
I end up hurting myself more
I know I will never see you again.

22 thoughts on “Dreams that will never come true..

  1. We cannot always get our desires. To some people we meet, we are probably not meant to be together, we just happened. Letting go is the bitter truth. hopefully your dreams come true tho.
    Thanks for taking me along this kinda journey. Too real to be a thought…
    You the BEST..

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    • You are right, It’s not possible that all our desires will come true. We love someone, but that someone loves someone else. However, if we love that person we have to let him/her go. It will be hard for us, however, things will change for us too.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and liking this šŸ™‚

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  2. I break up with my little soul mate everyday,,almost we fight every minute but we cannot be away for long..I did,,I was away for two days..she felt so sad..I let her feel why she does fight..now she is ok šŸ™‚ Fights should be for break up

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    • Ah!! That is not breaking up, dear. That is love in a disguise way, I guess. If a love is true, and both of you can feel it equally, then fight is for good, however, it should not hurt both in an emotional or physical way šŸ™‚

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