Don’t ask me…

Don’t ask me,’how am I doing?’
Don’t ask me,’Is everything alright?’
After what you have done to me,
Don’t ask me to wait again..
Don’t ask me how it all started,
After you broke my heart,
Now, we’re miles apart,
You shattered my life,
Now, I’m in pain,
Now, I’m all alone,
Don’t ask me what’s wrong,
when you don’t even care,
Don’t ask me to ‘come back’,
Don’t say you are ‘sorry for everything’,
After doing all this to me,
Don’t ask me to explain
When you won’t understand,
Don’t tell me you love me,
Now, I don’t have the strength,
Now, I can’t collect the pieces,
Now, Please,
Don’t ask me to smile again….

18 thoughts on “Don’t ask me…

  1. Listening… show me the meaning of being lonely.. Hey in my view love is not to live together but care for each other πŸ™‚ when someone leaving you, you feel pain? Of course i did, but unexpected, unconditional love has no stains left on the heart

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    • I agree with you, that, Love is not just living together, but, caring for each other. However, when someone promises you something in the beginning and just leaves you without caring for anything, that hurts….

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