Strange Relationships..

Courtesy Google
                   Courtesy Google

Relationships are so strange,
So strange, this world,
As they connect with each other,
They share the life, weather,
When a chance comes,
They  just disconnect,
Here everyone is crazy about self,
Just do and say what they feel like,
Who cares about what others say or think,
Everyone always thinks about themselves,

Don’t know where your fate takes you,
This whole world is a dream,
Stay in this dream world,
Walk hand in hand,
Till it takes,
Everyone thinks they reached their destiny,
Then time plays a new game,
Whatever will happen, will happen,
Just be happy here,
That’s the message I want to share.


12 thoughts on “Strange Relationships..

  1. I just re-read your post to see what I had missed, and it’s funny but it still kind of fits quite well with what is happening now out there in the world, particularly with current news events. But I also see your intended message. (Initially I thought it referred to ‘relationships’ on a wider level). Either way, nice words.

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