Love me or Leave me…

Love is you, Love is me
Love comes and love goes
Love gives you life, love gives you happiness
It’s a four letter word, that means so much
My feeling for you grows every time
You are in my heart, my mind and my soul
Love is sadness too,
Sadness for those who do not understand
Sadness for those who have yet to find their souls
You are my heart, my love and everything
You are so perfect in your own way
Love is so crazy, Love is so real
If things happens for a reason
You are my life, my reason for being
Without you I am nothing
My heart would be cold
My mind would be dead
And my soul would be dark
You hold my heart, I gave you all
You are my forever love,
You are my happiness,
I want to be yours and yours alone
Take me or leave me
That is all that I can say.


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