Gonna Let You Go…


Loving you is not that hard,
Nor, losing you,
Or fighting with you,
Hardest part of my life
Is to let go
Let go of that fight
Let go of that loss
It is so hard to let you go
I just don’t know why
Why we drifted apart
But, we did
I fight with you to hold on
You fight with me to let go
I just want you to be happy
I want you to go
I know it’s very painful
Pain is tearing me apart
But the priceless moment
Which we shared together
Will stay with me forever
And ease my pain a little
I’m gonna let you go
With a deep feeling in heart
I wish for you the
Sunshine of tomorrow



Pain is a feeling.
Pain is a beauty,
Pain is the tenderness,
Pain is the freedom of healing.

Pain is part of being human,
Pain is a part of you and me,

But then,
Healing happens in the moment,
It’s like shouting into the wind,
The wind blowing against your face
When you are spreading your wings
And flying through the air.

Dreams that will never come true..


I loved to dream and imagine
Those beautiful, lovely dream
Now I really hate them
Whenever I get attached to them
They won’t come true
Whenever, I see you in a dream
It won’t last for long
The real you is the you
That I never did see
You swore to me, you would
Never let me go
Nothing you said was ever true
The dream that I once held
Now lies in an unreachable place
The brokenness, I now have
And the love that I still feel
Now left me lonely and shattered
I crumple up, in a helpless state
Acknowledging nothing as it seems
But every time, I try to fix it
I end up hurting myself more
I know I will never see you again.

I gave you…

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Oh! I gave you my heart
You gave me promises
I gave you all my love
You gave me Pain
I give you my smile too
You gave me tears
I gave you all my trust
You gave me hurt
I gave you my strength
You gave me fear
I gave my life to you
You gave me loneliness
I gave it all to you
And, only ask just to be with you

To a New Life With You


I felt like I was in a dark tunnel,
So dark that I can’t see myself
So dark that it’s scaring me
So dark that there were no hopes
No beginning, no future and no past.
You came as a light
A small but a bright light
I moved towards you
You moved toward me
I felt a glimmer of hope
A new beginning awaits
A bright future dawns
I found a new life for me
You found, me.
A bright, vibrant me
And, it all happened because of you,
Because, you were holding me
You were taking me to your world
I was living in a dream world
A very beautiful, colorful world
That dark tunnel was left behind
And, I was started looking forward,
To a new beautiful life, with you.


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I always ask that question.
A question to myself
‘ Why you left me all alone?’
I know, one day you will,
But, why?
This is the wrong question to ask.
I must ask a different question
‘ Why you came into my life?’
When you know, you will leave
Then, why?
Tell me why?

Don’t ask me…



Don’t ask me,’how am I doing?’
Don’t ask me,’Is everything alright?’
After what you have done to me,
Don’t ask me to wait again..
Don’t ask me how it all started,
After you broke my heart,
Now, we’re miles apart,
You shattered my life,
Now, I’m in pain,
Now, I’m all alone,
Don’t ask me what’s wrong,
when you don’t even care,
Don’t ask me to ‘come back’,
Don’t say you are ‘sorry for everything’,
After doing all this to me,
Don’t ask me to explain
When you won’t understand,
Don’t tell me you love me,
Now, I don’t have the strength,
Now, I can’t collect the pieces,
Now, Please,
Don’t ask me to smile again….