Your Promises To Me…

I totally agree with @Darkvampiress.ย I get asked all the time why I find it so hard to trust people. I ask them why it’s so hard to keep a promise??? WHY???


I never thought I could love anyone in this world,
until I met you.
You gave me a meaning for life,
and reasons for me to live.
Every single reason you gave me,
they all involved you.
You told me if I stay alive,
you would love me forever.
If I made it through the night,
you would give me a kiss in the morning.
If I gave you my heart,
I would get yours in return.
None of the promises you made to me were true.
I gave you my heart,
and you crushed it right infront of me.
I decided to live for you,
and you didn’t keep your promise to love me.
I made it through the night
and you didn’t kiss me in the morning.
I gave you everything you asked,
and you gave me nothing in return.
Everyone makes promises they should keep,
but not one did you keep to me.
I gave up dying to be here with you,
and I don’t even get an “I love you”.
It hurts the most that you didn’t keep your promises,
and that you lied to me.
I gave you everything,
and I get nothing.
I hope one day you will make it up to me,
but I don’t know if that will ever happen for me.

10 thoughts on “Your Promises To Me…

  1. Thats so sad, it feels like written from a true recent experience? I hope not however….wounds do heal eventually but more slowly than others, just make sure the scars don’t block too much in the future x

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    • We learn from our own experiences…. And if you have ever trusted anyone from the core of your heart then heart breaks… I agree with you that wounds do heal, however, it takes some time.
      Thanks dear for your support ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I cannot say that I can understand the feeling of being betrayed in a relationship because I have never been in one but I have come across lot of situations and one time, I asked this person “why did you made all these promises when you married her if you were going to treat her like this?” and he said “promises are meant to be broken”. I told him then why do you promise your sister to protect her on the day of rakhi? Don’t ever help her if she gets into trouble. Just like your sister, she is also someone sister and someone daughter but some people never really understand no matter how much you tell them. After that incident and his reply, I had to write about it so do read it if you get time. Sometimes when I cannot directly impact the situation, I tend to write about it ๐Ÿ™‚

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