A World Full of Strangers

I just loved it….so true

Twiistd Progress

It doesn’t matter how much I cry
the fire will never die
Along with this flame, burning only for you
Heating my soul, and my body too
With each tear that runs, a river grows beneath my feet
Still, this could never be a sign of admitting defeat
I will flame on, I will rise again
Tomorrow morning, with you as just my “friend”
When it’s got to the point nothing else matters
I just want my heart to stop trying to shatter
It’s casing is too strong these days
But it tries and the chest sways
Tightening muscles and skin
trying to keep it in, in case it jumps out onto the floor
I’m not sure it can take any more
I thought the days of my tears were gone
It’s not even like it has to be triggered with a song
I keep Welling up I’m crowds, walking…

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