This Night will Also Pass…


There was one day, one of these days
There was one night, one of these nights
This night will pass

If someone comes walking on the eyelids
The tears of burning gold
The dream will be extinguished, and the ash will remain
This night will pass

The time will pass the grey years
Your face will melt off track
If the eye is closed, sleep will come
This night will pass…

True FUTURE Lies In The PAST…

“To understand yourself and know your future better, a visit to your past self- with all your early dreams, aspirations and motivation- is critical.”


Sometimes, in order to go ahead, you need to take several steps backwards. Just as tiger steps back and crouches to gather strength before making a giant leap, we need to be acquainted with our past and ourselves before making a leap of faith.
And since you need to lose some things in order to gain other, more precious treasure, it is critical to understand what is worth losing, and the risks that are worth taking. None of this possible if we are uncertain about what we desire of life.
When we meet a stalemate in life, or a dead-end when we find no indication of where to go next, it helps to travel back in time to where we started off. It is there that we may find again what initially inspired and motivated us.
Dreams and unfulfilled aspirations rooted in the past had that power. They keep you on the go! We all love to talk about what could have, but did not happen. Our regrets over unfulfilled dreams serve as a fuel to keep us going. The important things is to remember the dreams. They connect our past to the present, and to a nebulous future.
Sometimes a connect with our own past and young dreams can be painful indeed, if we realize how far away we are from what we once considered an ideal life, and that brings about a certain restlessness that disturbs us. But that’s no reason to lead half-lived lives.
Many people, especially those whose families relocated, have this deep desire to trace their roots and understand their origins. Placing yourself in their context of your origins helps give you an idea of who you are, which helps you understand the veracity and strength of your motivators, dreams and ambitions. Without knowing yourself, you cannot move ahead. In order to build a worthwhile future, a visit to your past self is essential.