The Bird & The White Rose…


Once upon a time a bird fell in love with a white rose. One day she, the bird, proposed to him, the white rose, but the white rose refused. White rose said “I don’t love you”. The bird came daily and proposed to the white rose. Finally, the white rose said “When I will turn red, I will love you”. One day the bird came and cut her wings and spread her blood on the white rose and the rose turned red. Then the rose realized how much the bird loved him but it was too late because the bird was dead.

So respect the love and feelings of the person who loves you.

I know it’s an old story, but I thought to share with you all and I hope love always realizes and appreciated before it turns too late….

17 thoughts on “The Bird & The White Rose…

  1. Big Bear

    We ignored you after 22 – 30 million died
    in World War II. Favored China, reliably
    corrupt, into having a Feudal class, but you lacked
    the prowess to extract your own oil, we could still
    do oil business with you, Big Bear, but the rest
    went to China: the shipping, manufacturing, even
    new mergers wherein Chinese firms now own Volvo
    and the PC division of IBM! So Sochi was to be
    Putin’s horse, so someone burned Kiev right then!
    (CIA?) Distressed, due to the viciousness of events
    Around the globe, neighborhood, we divert attention
    from our own digression at home to a potential
    (yet again) war in a third party’s country, Ukraine,
    which NATO is willing to exterminate in order to lure
    today’s tanks into a larger skirmish in case the ISIS
    crisis flames out. Gotta have back up wars and back
    them up in case the main wars sputter. It’s a new
    Pentagon directive, as witnessed by the annual troop
    and ship movements every March on the North/South
    Korean border. Tom “Obama-Hawk” drones fly again.

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  2. The story isnt over , the flower also died . The bird was born as a red flower , and the white flower as a bird , the saga continues ….
    Love without pain is not possible , there were so many other flowers that waited and vied for the bird , its love , its compassion .
    Kaash koi bata saktaa us parinde ko , ki mohhaabbat darwaaze kholne se milti hai , dar per sar patakne se nahin….

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    • Maybe the saga continues… However, here the birdie is still bleeding.
      And you are right… Love without pain is not possible, but why only birdie bares the pain??
      Kaash koi jaan pata ki parinda tho kaid hai,
      Us pingre main jisme koi darwaza nahi…

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