Broken Heart…


Her first dream,her first friend.
her company where she didn’t need to pretend
To her, there wasn’t anything more appealing and not very latter,this gave to a much stronger feeling.
but oh girl! The two are poles apart.
Friendship is a responsibility, Love a commitment,
all you’ve done is read Erich Segal and Margaret Mitchell,
but the reality, sadly,none of these tell.
She longed for his magical touch,his one look.
“best friends’ on the face, secretly she yearned for more then the hand she shook.
Wait oh, lass!
Let your heart not rule your brain,
let his words not drive you insane,
For him, you are just a comrade,
for him, love is a trade.
Stop oh damsel!
Do you even realise what path you are treading?
in silence,secret chains of admiration you are threading in his happiness, you find solace.
His dream is your dream,chase.
think my dear, you didn’t stop when it was needed,
to your emotion, his heart never heeded.
You held his hand, while he searched for the one he wanted to embrace.
his friendship to you is enough, it is god’s holy grace.
Yet he hurt you, crumpled you, left you to die.
‘we will always be together,’ time and again he mouthed the lie.
and then he left her….

Numb she sits, drying her wet eyes to escape his hauntings, in vain she tries.
Yet he remains unknown of what you feel,
his love, your broken heart still loves to conceal.

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